Who Qualifies as a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon

Who Qualifies as a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon

Who Qualifies as a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon

Every bariatric procedure comes with specific requirements. And it’s important to know what medical teams require of a patient looking to undergo the procedure. Keep reading to learn who qualifies as a candidate for a gastric balloon.

How a Gastric Balloon Helps Patients

A gastric balloon is a weight loss procedure that involves inserting a balloon inside a patient’s stomach to reduce stomach capacity. Essentially, patients will eat less and feel fuller faster. This procedure is ideal for people with weight-related health problems like high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, and heart disease.

After the procedure, many patients experience a reversal of health issues and a better lifestyle! Please note that a successful post-op life depends on the patient’s commitment to eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly.

Candidate Requirements

Generally, people with a BMI between 30 and 40 qualify as a candidate for a gastric balloon. Additionally, patients willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes and attend medical appointments are ideal candidates. However, a doctor may perform an exam to determine if the procedure suits the prospective patient.

It’s important to note that people who have undergone esophageal surgery or previous bariatric procedures do not qualify for a gastric balloon. Certain medications like prescription anti-inflammatories may also disqualify people (but your physician can assess your medications).

What if You Don’t Meet the Criteria?

The doctor may recommend alternative weight loss options if you do not qualify for surgery. These may include diet and exercise plans emphasizing a caloric deficit to lose weight. The medical professional will outline your case and explain why you don’t qualify. Please note that not qualifying for a gastric balloon doesn’t mean you disqualify for all bariatric procedures. There may be another option suitable for you.

Gastric Balloon Doctors

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