Top Benefits of a Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

Top Benefits of a Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

Top Benefits of a Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

Losing weight is tough. That’s why people who struggle with diet and exercise may look into other alternatives to help them shed their extra pounds. One option individuals may choose is a gastric balloon. This article will overview the top benefits of a gastric balloon for weight loss so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Helps Curb Appetite

The primary reason to get a gastric balloon is that it helps curb your appetite. Essentially, a balloon is inserted through your mouth, then inflated in your stomach. When the balloon inflates, it limits the amount of food your stomach can hold. For this reason, a gastric balloon curbs your appetite, thus helping with portion control.

It’s Less Invasive

Getting a gastric balloon is less intense than getting other weight-loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass. When you get a gastric bypass, the doctors cut you open and remove part of your stomach so that you eat less. You don’t get cut open when you have a gastric balloon. Instead, the balloon is inserted through your mouth. Most people can leave the hospital that day.

Easier Recovery

Gastric bypass surgery requires a long recovery—after all, you were cut open. The recovery is much easier with a gastric balloon. Yes, you’ll have to adjust to eating less than usual. However, you won’t have an intensive recovery and long hospital stay. Another top benefit of a gastric bypass for weight loss is that there are fewer side effects. You won’t be as nauseous, and you’ll be able to walk around the day you get it.

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