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Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric Sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve services offered in Las Vegas, NV

Slim Vegas Bariatrics & General Surgery provides high-quality gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas, NV, to help our patients live healthier and better lives. For patients struggling to lose weight, a gastric sleeve procedure can be absolutely life-changing and help kickstart a new lifestyle.

Gastric Sleeve Q&A

Why would someone need gastric sleeve surgery?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and many people find themselves having trouble maintaining consistent, long-term weight loss no matter what kind of method they follow. In such a circumstance, it’s simply not your fault—you just need a bit of extra help. Gastric sleeve bariatric surgery helps reduce your food intake by reducing the size of your stomach, ensuring you feel fuller with smaller portions.

When you have a BMI exceeding 40 or you’ve developed conditions like sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or type 2 diabetes in addition to obesity, your doctor may recommend and refer you to a gastric sleeve surgeon. ALGSN Bariatric strives to make this process as comfortable and easy as possible, so if you’re looking for gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas, NV, then know you’re in good hands with our gastric sleeve doctors.

How does the process work?

Before you undergo the procedure, we’ll work with you to ensure you understand everything you need to know and prepare for the surgery. To ensure the Las Vegas gastric sleeve surgery goes smoothly, you may be asked to undergo various physical exams and a blood test—which can, understandably, be intimidating. This is all meant to better understand you and your needs.

During the procedure itself, you’ll be administered a general anesthetic so that you’ll sleep peacefully through the surgery. Your surgeon will then use laparoscopy, which involves making small incisions in the upper abdomen to access your stomach. With a laparoscopic stapler, the surgeon will divide the stomach, leaving a narrowed vertical sleeve. The part of the stomach that was removed will then be taken out through one of the incisions.

The recovery period, thankfully, isn’t too arduous. You’ll be able to go home a day after the procedure once your gastric sleeve doctors have monitored and ensured you’re in good condition. You’ll also be kept on a liquid diet for one or two weeks before working with our professionals to create a meal plan while you heal.