Robotic Surgery in Las Vegas

ALGSN Bariatric’s services now include robotic surgery in Las Vegas. Becoming a more common service as technology improves in the medical field, robot-assisted surgery has provided some major benefits in improving bariatric surgery. Some patients haven’t been totally won over by the prospect, however, so for a better understanding, some benefits of minimally invasive robotic surgery include:

  • Smaller incisions, meaning fewer visible scars and marks after the surgery has been completed. With the precision of technology, incisions can be reduced to a mere 8mm, which is less than 1/3 of an inch.
  • Robotic assistance reduces the exertion and fatigue of doctors working on your procedure. Surgery can be long, which requires medical professionals to have incredible stamina. Robotics can’t become fatigued and careless and have more precise movements than a human hand.
  • In addition to robots being incapable of fatigue, they also have a much broader range of motion. They’re capable of moving in ways or gripping utensils in ways a human hand could not comfortably. For instance, robots can easily achieve a “lobster-claw” grip that humans would struggle with.
  • Because robotic assistance means a much less invasive surgery, you’ll need far less time to recover in the hospital—meaning you can get back to your normal life a lot faster.
  • The optics of a robot provides doctors with a much better view of the operation thanks to its binocular vision. This improves the doctor’s depth perception and provides a sharp 3D view for the surgeon to reference.

ALGSN Bariatric provides quality robotic surgery in Las Vegas. Our surgeons and experts want to ensure you feel safe and comfortable before you go into your procedure, so we will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about robotic surgical technology. Get in contact with us today to consider your options and take the first step to an improved you!