Intragastric Balloon Surgery

If you haven’t seen any progress while following strict diets or exercise routines, consider intragastric balloon surgery as an alternative. This one may seem peculiar to the uninitiated, as the procedure doesn’t actually remove or change anything about your body. Instead, a saline-filled silicone balloon is surgically placed within the stomach. This balloon’s purpose is to limit the amount of food you eat daily by taking up space and making you feel fuller faster when you do eat—similar to procedures like gastric bypass surgery but without actually making your stomach smaller. However, intragastric balloon surgery is not a solution in itself to obesity. This procedure provides you with the opportunity to commit to a healthier lifestyle, which is key for losing weight and maintaining a healthier figure.

A major benefit of intragastric balloon placement is that the entire procedure can take only half an hour. Furthermore, patients are normally able to go home one or two hours after the procedure is complete, so you’ll resume your normal life in no time at all. While you won’t be bedridden, note that you’ll need to ease yourself back into a normal diet. Six hours after the procedure is complete, you can start consuming small amounts of clear liquid. This liquid diet continues for about two weeks until you can then re-introduce soft foods to your diet. After three weeks, you should be able to eat regular food once more. After six months, the intragastric balloon will be removed using an endoscope. Depending on your circumstances and the plan created by you and your doctor, a new balloon may be inserted.

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