5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Weight Loss Surgery

5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Weight Loss Surgery

5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Weight Loss Surgery

Gathering information before any medical procedure is critical. It helps you understand topics surrounding your surgery. In this case, check out these five questions to ask your doctor before weight loss surgery.

1. What Are the Possible Risks of My Procedure?

Depending on the bariatric surgery, patients face different risks. It’s essential to review possible risks of your procedure with the doctor. Though bariatric surgeries are relatively safe, you should understand possible complications. If something goes wrong, you can create an action plan to navigate the situation.

2. What Is My Meal Plan After Surgery?

The biggest adjustment after weight loss surgery is your eating habits. Whether you select a malabsorptive or restrictive procedure, expect a reduction in food intake. To properly recover and prevent complications (like dumping syndrome), following a specific meal plan is necessary. Talk to your doctor and make sure they give you a week-by-week eating plan.

3. How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Bariatric procedures range in recovery times. For example, gastric bypass surgery requires longer recovery than gastric band. Before undergoing any procedure, discuss the recovery timeline. Please note that every patient is different, and healing timelines are estimations. Your body heals on its own time. However, your surgeon can give you an overview of post-op recovery.

4. Do You Offer Post-Op Care and Resources?

Another question to ask your doctor before weight loss surgery is “do you offer post-op care and resources?” Recovery and life after surgery has challenging moments, and additional help can make the adjustment period easier. Take note of resources the doctor provides and consider incorporating them into your post-op plan. Whether it’s a nutritionist or weight loss support group, extra resources impact recovery!

5. Who Do I Contact About Procedure Complications?

When patients return home, procedure complications can happen. That’s why it’s important to walk through “what-ifs” with your surgeon and discuss a contact plan for post-op problems.

For instance, chronic vomiting, incision infections, and excessive bleeding are possible complications. If you experience these side effects, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention. Inform the attending physician about the bariatric procedure, and they will provide care for the situation. Additionally, contact your bariatric surgeon and let them know about complications.

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