Duodenal Weight Loss Surgery

Duodenal weight loss surgery can be a stressful and delicate topic to broach to your friends or family. It is a complex surgery that comes with life-changing results. Here at ALGSN, we want to make that conversation easier; we will do this together by going over the entire scope of the duodenal weight loss switch procedure. We are here to inform you and those closest to you what comes alongside the surgery and what you should expect throughout the course of recovery. One of the most typical and immediate side effects of this surgery is a lack of proper vitamin levels; however, this can be corrected by various vitamin supplements. Furthermore, there is potential for the worsening of pre-existing indigestion issues, such as acid reflux and heartburn. Of course, these too have solutions, whether these come in the form of a diet change, medications, or a combination of both. Despite these potential reactions, duodenal weight loss surgery is a procedure that can lead to a higher quality of life and help you regain control over your body weight.

The advantages of the weight loss switch procedure all revolve around changing the dynamic of your stomach into being healthier for its own sake and your health overall. This surgery allows your body to alter its bowel hormones to cause beneficial changes in your stomach. You’ll feel fuller with less food and more satisfied with each meal to ensure hunger doesn’t come back so frequently. Because of these factors, this surgery is one of the best operations for treating type two diabetes. Whether you face obesity, diabetes, or various other gastrointestinal challenges, if duodenal weight loss surgery can benefit you, we are ready to help you make that next big step in your life. Give us a call today to set up a consultation, so we can make your individualized plan and help you pursue better living. After all, everyone is different, and we understand that; so, let us make it all about you here at ALGSN Bariatric.