Bariatric Surgery: A Brief History of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery: A Brief History of Weight Loss Surgery

Over the years, many people benefitted from different types of bariatric surgery. However, have you ever wondered about the history of these procedures? Luckily, we have a brief history of weight loss surgery that explains its transformation throughout time.

The First Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. A. J. Kremen performed the first weight loss surgery in 1954. Dr. Kremen and his team completed a gastric bypass procedure where they connected the patient’s upper and lower intestines. Then, in 1963, doctors altered gastric bypass by adding a jejunocolic shunt (also called a jejuno-ileal) that connected the upper small intestine to the colon. At the time, adding the shunt optimized gastric bypass, but doctors improved the technique because medical problems, like uncontrollable bowel movements, arose.

Transition Into Different Techniques

After the early stages of bariatric surgery, doctors transitioned into different techniques to see what worked best. However, complications continued to arise. For instance, in 1967, Dr. Edward Mason developed a mini-gastric bypass that involved a stapled stomach and a bypassed small intestine. This was known as an intestinal bypass, which showed significant weight loss results. Unfortunately, a long list of complications also came with the results. Anemia, vitamin deficiencies, and anastomotic leaks were some of the issues.

Modern Procedure

Although weight loss surgery had a troubling beginning, things improved in the early 1990s. Notably, the modern procedures and techniques people know today didn’t get their start until the ’90s. One procedure that altered the weight loss surgery industry was gastric band (which includes securing a band around the upper part of the stomach to decrease food intake).

During the late 1990s, gastric band became popular amongst patients, and many celebrities underwent procedures. For example, Roseanne Barr, Wilson Phillips, and Al Roker publicly talked about their surgery experiences.

Currently, the primary bariatric surgeries are gastric bypass, gastric band, and sleeve gastrectomy. Modern technology and updated practices make weight loss surgery a better experience for patients, as they don’t have to deal with harsh medical complications.

After reading a brief history of weight loss surgery, we hope you understand bariatric surgery better. If you’re interested in weight loss surgery and looking for bariatric surgeons in Las Vegas, you should contact ALGSN Bariatrics. Our team of professionals will provide you with exceptional care and help you during the procedure process. Call us for a consultation today!