A Quick Guide To Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

A Quick Guide To Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

A Quick Guide To Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

After you’ve made great efforts to lose weight and exhausted all your options, you can consider weight loss surgery. Your doctor may recommend the procedure or you might find that you meet the standards that define surgery candidates. We provide a quick guide to different types of weight loss surgery. Read on to gain a better grasp of the different types of procedures.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

During a gastric sleeve surgery, a surgeon will divide your stomach into two sections. The goal is to remove about 80 percent of the stomach. Once the surgeon reduces the stomach’s size, you can’t consume as much food. At the same time, the changes to your stomach will cause it to produce fewer hunger-signaling hormones, meaning that your appetite will also decrease. While this concept may sound intimidating, the surgeon can complete this minimally invasive procedure relatively quickly. Recovery often takes only a couple of days. Paired with a controlled diet, gastric sleeve surgery can help an individual lose weight successfully.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery also decreases your stomach size by restricting it to a small pouch that the surgeon places at the top of your stomach. As with gastric sleeve surgery, this reduces your eating capacity. The doctor then cuts the front of your small intestine. They connect the lower part of the small intestine directly to the new stomach pouch. The surgeon also joins the upper part of the small intestine still attached to the stomach to a point further along in the small intestine.

This shortens your digestive tract while allowing digestive fluids from the stomach to mix with food as it travels to the lower area of the small intestine. Since the first part of the small intestine lacks stomach fluids, food passes through it without experiencing any absorption. This means that your body takes in fewer calories and nutrients from the food you eat, aiding weight loss.

Obalon Gastric Balloon

An Obalon gastric balloon procedure involves the patient swallowing a capsule containing a specialized balloon. Once the capsule enters your stomach, the doctor inflates it. The thinking behind gastric balloons is simple—with a balloon taking up much of your stomach space, you can’t eat as much as before. As you control your diet and engage in physical activity, the gastric balloon will help you lose weight. Usually, you receive a total of three balloons corresponding to three consecutive months. Because you swallow capsules for this procedure, it’s not actually a type of surgery. But it can prove just as effective as other options, earning it a place in this guide.

Whether you’re thinking about moving forward with one of the different types of weight loss surgery after reading this guide or want to utilize gastric balloons, call ALGSN Bariatric today. Dr. Jon Williams offers gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and gastric balloons in Las Vegas according to patients’ needs.