5 Ways a Gastric Sleeve Can Improve Your Quality of Life

5 Ways a Gastric Sleeve Can Improve Your Quality of Life

5 Ways a Gastric Sleeve Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Gastric sleeve surgery is a bariatric procedure that changes the size and shape of a patient’s stomach. If you’re considering this surgery, read on to learn five ways a gastric sleeve can improve your quality of life.

Improves Weight-Related Conditions and Health

Gastric sleeve surgery can improve weight-related health conditions and even your overall health. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, a gastric sleeve can help alleviate arthritis, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Treatment of these health conditions allows patients to live a better life.

Breaks the Cycle of Failed Dieting

People who have tried various diets and exercise programs but received little results may feel hopeless about successful weight loss. However, after gastric sleeve surgery, patients will have a smaller stomach and feel full quicker. And with a smaller stomach, patients learn good nutritional habits that enable healthy living and weight loss. So, they no longer have to deal with fad diets or poor dietary choices.

Promotes Long-Term Weight Loss Success

Another way a gastric sleeve can improve your life is by promoting long-term weight loss success. Gastric sleeve doctors remove 80 percent of a patient’s stomach, which changes their food intake capacities (getting fuller faster). A smaller stomach assists in portion control and speeds up the digestive system. And these two factors aid in long-term success!

Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence

Social stigmas and poor body image can impact an overweight person’s self-esteem and confidence. Fear of negative judgment can make people isolate or avoid activities they might otherwise enjoy. Although you should be confident at any size, a gastric sleeve gives patients a self-esteem and confidence boost as they can engage in more physical activity or feel better about their nutritional choices.

Makes Physical Activity Easier

Gastric sleeve surgery reduces a patient’s weight, and those suffering from joint pain feel relief after surgery because less weight means a decrease in pressure on joints. People feel more energetic and ready to engage in physical activity with less pain. Overall, less pain makes activities more enjoyable and easier to complete.

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